2015 年春、バンド結成。


2016 年2 月にサウンドプロデューサー安野勇太(HAWAIIAN6)を迎えた1st ミニアルバム『さよなら世界』をリリース。

収録3 曲がタイアップを獲得するという、新人では異例の作品になったことは、彼女たちに対するミュージックシーン自体の期待感の表れだ。

2016 年12 月には初の主催イベントを、2017年11月には初のワンマンライブをShibuya O-nest にて開催。


The band formed in spring 2015.

Fellowship chorus work in the tight play strikes a exquisite groove that no girl band ever has.

They did first live in Yokohama Station west exit event in October 2015, and stepped on the first live house stage at Shibuya VISION in December.

1st mini album "Sayonara Sekai", which celebrated its sound producer Yuta Yasuno (HAWAIIAN6), released in February 2016. With all 3 songs won the tie-up, this work and to be exceptional in the rookie, suggesting expectations of the music scene itself against the girls.

After the release, they also participated in various live events actively. Standing in a big stage such as Shinkiba STUDIO COAST and Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST for more experience.

2016 summer, the drummer left the band. With the support (drummer), they got more powerful band sound. Keep an eye from future activities!